Employment Law

Employment Law

Employment Law Attorneys under Florida and Federal Laws

Why Arcadier and Associates?

Employment Law is a highly specialized area of the law with concepts which are esoteric, and constantly changing and developing. Even large corporations with large internal legal departments outsource their employment law related cases to attorneys and law firms which specialize in employment law. One of the best objective criteria to see if your attorney is truly an employment law specialist is to see if any attorneys in the law firm are Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law. The managing partner at Arcadier and Associates is board certified in labor and employment law, member of the nationally renowned association of employment law attorneys (NELA), with extensive appellate experience including participation in appellate briefs to the Florida Supreme Court and preparing a Cert to the United States Supreme Court, and numerous published appellate decisions at the Florida Appellate Courts and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

If you are seeking a dedicated, experienced attorney to address your employment law issue, with trial and appellate court decision, you should definitely see us for a consultation.

Introduction to Employment Law

Employment laws are a set of laws that oftentimes comes under federal jurisdiction which oversees the rights, and duties of laborers, employers and unions. The federal laws, in conjunction with state laws protect workers from discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, national origin, age and disability. The laws also help employees assert their right to receiving medical attention, pension, wages, furloughs, medical leaves, be free from certain types of harassment and retaliation, and protect employees from whistleblower activities.

To provide a fair and conducive environment for workers to be employed, a number of acts have been passed which protect their rights and set certain standards the employers must provide.

Acts under the Employment Law

Labor Law system

The labor law system was established to ensure that workers and employers synergistically work in a system which facilitates over all industrial growth, while at the same time, ensuring worker satisfaction and proper standard of living.

Numerous other rights and laws exist which are case specific. The law is so complex and ever changing, that you would be well advised to seek a consultation with an experienced attorney in the particular legal field that addresses your particular legal issue. Even if you do not ultimately chose Arcadier and Associates, you should seek an attorney who is board certified in labor and employment law, and a member of NELA.